Halala Meaning – What is Halala?

Halala MeaningWhat is Halala? Islam is the second-largest religious group in the whole world, the Muslim population is 23 percent of the world’s population. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam (Muhammad Sahib) is considered to be the originator of Islam & born in Mecca in 570AD. In about 613 AD, Muhammad started spreading the religion of Islam, since then it is considered the beginning of Islam. The Quran is considered very sacred in Islam, it has been told about good things.

Halala Meaning

These things have been recognized as a practice by the Muslim community. But these things were presented in front of the people by the Muslim clerics and Qazis. What is Halala – In this only their own self-interest is hidden. In today’s time, these clerics and Qazis have converted the holy practice of the Quran into evil practice. These evil practices have had a very opposite effect on Muslim society, there is halala in these evil practices. This page is being told about Halala Meaning (Nikah Halala).

What is Nikah?

Halala Meaning – Life is full of ups and downs, from time to time we need help from people, with the fulfillment of these needs. We keep progressing in life and end our life from the last stage of life. In childhood, our parents fulfill our needs and raise us, in youth we need a woman or a man. Who can support us throughout life and stay with us till the last stage of this life.

To fulfill this need, marriage or marriage or marriage or marriage has been adopted in every religion. After this, our body becomes weak in old age, even at that time we need help and care, for this. What is Halala – We produce children who can help us in old age. It can be said in this way, the process under which a woman and a man support each other throughout their life, it is called Nikah.

What is Talak?

Sometimes everything does not go well in married life, due to which many problems are born. Husband or wife do not like each other, due to which they want to leave each other by divorce. Halala Meaning – But in the Muslim religion, only men have been given the right to divorce. A man can end the relationship with his wife by saying talaq thrice at any time, this is called talaq.

Iddat after Talak

Halala Meaning – After divorce, a Muslim woman comes to her maternal home and she has to follow the rule of iddat, in which she does not have to come in front of any foreign man for three months and 10 days, so that if she is pregnant then it can be detected and her children. be considered justified.

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Halala Meaning – What is Halala?

After divorce, husband and wife can marry separately with another person and can live their life. But it is often seen that even after divorce, many people want to marry the same person with whom they have married before, for this it is mentioned in verse 232 of the Quran, it is as follows-

“After divorce from the first husband, the woman marries, but the second husband also divorces her or dies, then after the woman has completed the period of iddat, if both (former husband and wife) have mutual trust, then they can reunite. may become one, it should be a coincidence of divorce from the other husband or his death.

Note: – In this verse, there is no provision for remarriage from the first husband to the second person, it has been validated only in case of coincidence.

Quran & Halala

Nothing is said about Halala Meaning in this verse of the Quran that Halala is necessary. But today’s clerics have distorted the verse of this Quran and according to them, after divorce, if the woman wants to remarry from the first husband or her husband wants to marry her again, then that woman must first Physical relations have to be made by marrying with another person, after which the second husband will divorce the woman, only after which the woman can marry the first husband. Halala MeaningWhat is Halala – In simple words, this is a Rape Punishment Game or This is the first step to preparing up women as prostitutes. This practice is called Halala (Nikah Halala).

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