UPI Full Form

Hello friends, in today’s post, we are going to tell you that along with UPI complete form, if you do not know what is UPI, then we are also going to cover this topic in this post from which you will understand that UPI complete form & what is UPI?

UPI Full Form

Just as the people of society are becoming more inclined to know about new things, similarly, people find new ways to make payments. The rest of the country is becoming digital. In the same way, India is also becoming digital, and many people shop online and pay digitally.

About five-six years ago today, people were not familiar with the online world and used to hold back from doing online transactions. Because they thought that our money would be emptied from our accounts and we could suffer huge losses, people started using digital methods. Didn’t want to deal with

Even today, many people need to learn how to pay digitally, and we see the name of UPI in every market and store. After all, what is UPI, and what is the full form of UPI? In today’s post, we will detail all the information related to UPI.

Last 6 years from today, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi Ji had announced demonetization in India. Demonetization also happened because black money had become too much with the people. Due to this, he had to do demonetization. In this situation, the old money with the people did not move in the market.

The 2000 and 500 notes launched were unavailable to the people then, due to which they used to get very upset. Out of this, there were also those people who had bank accounts and used to pay digitally, so those people used to have no problem. But from that time, the method of payment through UPI became quite popular.

And in today’s time, people pay for everything through UPI. In this way, in today’s era, we can keep a purse to keep the money. If we have a smartphone and all payment methods are set up in it, then there is no question of saving money. Your money is in the smartphone itself if you have a mobile. And you can shop from anywhere through mobile.

Many of these programs have been released in the modern era, enabling digital payment processing. In all the digital payment apps launched, you need to have UPI to transfer funds, and only then can you do the transaction.

When UPI ID is required in every digital payment app, we start thinking about all or what UPI is and the full form of UPI, without which we cannot do online transactions.

That’s why in today’s post, you would also want to know what is UPI’s whole form, so we will give you complete information about it, along with all the payment methods and how we make online payments through UPI. I will tell you this process, so let’s know about the UPI Full Form.

UPI full form

There is a vast secret and information hidden in a short full-form word, which is very important for you to know. What I told you in this UPI complete form in English means the same thing. If you translate the UPI full form from English to Hindi, it will become a Hindi word, and its meaning will remain the same.

So, friends, you know the full form of UPI above, but you have yet to learn what UPI is & where & for what UPI is used. So let us tell you about it in detail, along with UPI’s full form. What is UPI?

What is UPI?

UPI full form is a tool with the help of which you can digitally do online transactions. To transfer money from your bank AC to another account digitally, with the help of another’s UPI or account number, you can send lakhs of rupees to the history of friends or relatives in 1 second.

With the help of UPI, you can take money from other’s bank ACs to your AC. Apart from this, you can shop digitally with its service. And also, you can buy electricity bills, DTH recharges, mobile recharge movie tickets, and goods using it in your local markets.

Now, friends, the question must be coming to your mind when was the method of fund transfer through UPI implemented? Friends, The Reserve Bank of India launched UPI in 2015, making it seven years old today. If we say it in English, it is the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

When you make a fund transfer to someone from your bank or take payment from someone, you need the bank AC no and IFSC code for that, but there is no need for any court to make a payment from the same UPI.

UPI full form has been introduced so that people can digitally do transactions without facing any hassle. With the help of UPI, you can do the work in minutes and seconds.

When UPI was first introduced in India, people at that time mostly did not believe in online transactions, i.e., doing digital transactions. They did not think that we could do digital transactions.

But at the same time, when demonetization was done and when people got money problems, then people started making payments in this manner. And since then, people have started transacting through digital transactions, i.e., UPI, and are trusted a lot.

So after reading the above information, you must have understood what UPI is and when UPI was started in India. As I said above that we will know about UPI in detail, now we will know what is UPI ID below.

What is UPI ID?

Above, we learned when UPI started and why people have started making payments with UPI. Still, if you are also going to use UPI and do transactions with the help of UPI in a digital way, then you must know that UPI is ID.

You will know that when we send money to someone’s account, then the person whose AC will send funds to that person.

Having an account number, IFSC code, and the name is essential. Only then can we send the payment. In the same way, it is necessary to have the UPI id to send the fund through UPI.

To pay digitally, you must have a UPI ID and UPI ID. If you create an account in Paytm and other digital payment apps, you can easily create a UPI ID.

UPI’s complete form is not very big or consists of 8 or 10 numbers and words, and everyone with a UPI ID is different, i.e., everyone has a unique UPI ID like another in the bank Ac number.

Suppose you have any UPI ID and feel that we have changed that UPI ID, then you can change it from your smartphone within 1 second. You do not need to go anywhere.

Nowadays, there are many such applications on the Internet where you can easily create an account to digitally transact. Along with the application in which this account is completed, the application gives you a unique UPI ID, with the help of which you can do transactions. Are.

Above, we told you that we can do online transactions with UPI ID and how it is done, but if you still have in mind how UPI ID is, then I will give you an example below that means you can understand by example What is a UPID like?

UPI ID Example – Abhishek@PSB,



So the UPI ID is the same as the example I have given above, so above, you know what UPI ID is. After learning all this, how we can create a UPI ID must come to your mind. Let us also tell you this.

How to Create UPI ID?

Friends, UPI’s complete form is the Unified Payments Interface. After knowing all these things, we now see how you can create and use your UPI ID.

I also told you that when UPI payment methods were launched in 2015, many applications were established in the market, where you can easily create your own unique UPI ID by creating an account there.

There are many applications on the Internet to create a UPI ID, but the process of creating a UPI ID will be different for everyone, but not everyone has the same method to create a UPI ID.

So let us tell you how you can use UPI ID and create a UPI ID. We will notify you about the most popular UPI ID-making app, BHIM App, from where you can easily create your UPI ID.

Friends, before creating an account, some documents are required. Only then is that account created, so let us tell you what documents you will need to create a UPI ID.

  • pan card
  • bank account
  • Mobile number link bank account
  • email id
  • atm card
  • pan card

You may create your UPI ID if you have previous papers. The phone number you have should be linked with your bank account as well as your PAN card and ATM card then only you can create your UPI ID.

Easy Steps to create UPI ID

  • Step-1. First of all, download the BHIM app on your smartphone.
  • Step-2. Open BHIM App on your smartphone & select your language. If you want to continue in Hindi, then select Hindi.
  • Site-3. Download the BHIM app on the phone on which you want to create a UPI ID.
  • Step-4. After selecting the language, select the SIM card on which you want to create the BHIM app and verify it.
  • Step-5. You will now have the opportunity to add a bank AC, so do that first.
  • Step-6. While adding a bank AC, you have to give all the necessary information about the bank.
  • Step-7. You will be asked to create a UPI PIN to secure the UPI ID. Create a UPI PIN.
  • Step-8. You have to make a UPI PIN of 4 digits, and UPI PIN is of 4 digits only. You have to make such a PIN that no one can know. It should remain secret.
  • Step-9. After doing all this, your UPI ID will be ready.

After going through the above information, you must know how to create your UPI ID. After making the UPI ID, do not share the PIN you created for security. Otherwise, your account may become empty.

15 Tips for How to use UPI?

Now friends, when we have told you the complete process of creating a UPI ID, and you have also made a UPI ID, it is the turn to how you can use UPI, friends. It is straightforward to use UPI. Let’s tell you that too. Huh.

  1. When we send money to someone, you will be asked a court. We told you above that you have to make this code for security, the same security code will be asked of you, and after entering that you can quickly pay any person. You can
  2. The features of UPI PIN have been given so that no unknown person can withdraw money from your account if your mobile is lost somewhere and it is in the hands of any person who can empty the performance of any person. If your UPI PIN is known, he will withdraw money from your account.
  3. Friends, if you want to pay someone through UPI through the BHIM app, you have to open the BHIM application on your mobile phone. After opening, you must enter the password you created for security.
  4. After entering the security code, your BHIM app will open. If the security app is wrong, the BHIM app will not open.
  5. After successfully entering the security code, even after opening you, the interface of the BHIM app will open in front of you. On the right side, you will see two options above: send or scan.
  6. If a person wants to make a payment through UPI through the BHIM app, you have to click on the send button and enter the UPI ID of that person and you can send the amount by writing the amount you want to transfer.
  7. The scan option is precisely the same way. If you shop from a shop somewhere in the market, then you must have seen a QR code in front of that shop. You can buy goods from any shop and give money to the shopkeeper by scanning the QR code with the scan option.
  8. We will tell you this if you want to send money to the person in front, then you use the QR code, and if you’re going to send money somewhere far away, then you have to send money from the send option.
  9. You will see another option for contact and account numbers in the BHIM app. You can also send money to any person this way. For this, you have selected the person who uses the BHIM app, and after selecting his number, you can easily send money to him with the help of UPI.
  10. If you want to transfer funds directly to someone’s bank AC, then you have to send both the AC number and IFSC code and the name of the bank account holder. After today you can easily send the person in front of the bank. You can send money.
  11. So by following the process mentioned above, you can easily send money to any shopkeeper or relative in seconds.
  12. And one thing I want to tell you is that when you give money to a shopkeeper somewhere in the market, do not enter the pin showing any person, rest you are smart.
  13. In all these things, you will need a UPI PIN, so I want to tell you that you make a UPI PIN very strong and keep it in your mind, do not tell it to anyone.
  14. If someone knows your UPI PIN in the future, you can change that day in 10 seconds from your mobile phone.
  15. That’s why you keep checking from time to time that your UPI PIN is not being detected by anyone and change it frequently. If your mobile phone falls somewhere, the money in your account is not from another person. Will be able to remove

What are the benefits of UPI ID?

Friends, we told you that you could pay people with UPI in many ways, but after doing all these, you must consider the benefits of using UPI. Let us also give you the steps below, and let me tell you to step by step.

  • The first advantage of UPI is that you don’t care if the bank is open because it is not there today. All the control is in your hands, and now you can pay anyone wherever you go.
  • The unique thing about UPI ID is that you can send money to anyone whenever you feel like 24 hours a day. There is no limit on how many people you can send money to in 1 day.
  • Through this method, you can easily keep track of your account, and it is safe and straightforward, and any person can do this work, so we consider UPI payment very good.
  • To transfer money to a person, you do not need to make much effort, as if money has to be sent to someone’s account, then we first go to bank AC and transfer it from there, but we do this with the help of UPI on our mobile phone. I can do it immediately.
  • The person to whom you will make the Fund transfer through the UPI payment method will only go to the person from whom you have sent it.
  • You can pay all your house bills online, such as if you want to do other things like electricity bills, DTH recharge, or mobile recharge. Then, through this application and UPI payment, you can easily do it.
  • We have told you in a big way what is the benefit of UPI ID, but when you start using UPI ID, you will automatically know how much UPI ID benefits after using it. But there is a loss in everything. Pay carefully for it to avoid a considerable loss.

What is UPI ID PIN?

  • When we go for a walk away from our house, then we lock our house, and to lock that lock, we must have a key so that the lock can be locked and opened simultaneously. This keeps our home safe.
  • Similarly, to keep a UPI ID secure, UPI PIN is needed. You must have seen that there is a security code when you go to withdraw money from ATM. You can withdraw money only after entering that day.
  • Similarly, to keep UPI secure, you must create a UPI PIN; through that UPI PIN, you can keep your account safe. This pin acts like a lock and key.
  • ATM and UPI PIN are of 4 or 6 digits. And only you know your UPI ID PIN, so only you can withdraw money from your UPI, and no other person can withdraw it without your UPI PIN.

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What is the difference between Net Banking and UPI?

Do you know that we can transact online digitally from net banking too, then for what purpose this UPI has been launched when we already have a digital way of transacting? So let us answer your question in a bit of detail.

As we told above, you must have come to know about UPI, online transactions are done through UPI, and you send money to a person’s account through UPI, then at the same time when you send, money goes to his account at the same time.

Apart from the UPI Full Form, you must have heard the name UPI imps, and its complete form is Immediate Payment Service System.

When we go to a faraway city or state, there are definitely two or three ways to get to that city or state, but there is a difference between those paths. Similarly, there is a difference between net banking and UPI if you have net banking and UPI. If you want to know the difference, then also read below.

  • Through UPI we can send payment online instantly without a bank AC and an IFSC code, whereas we have to fill in all bank details to send money in net banking.
  • Money sent through UPI ID reaches instantly, but the same cash sent through net banking takes an hour or 2 to get into the account.
  • The UPI payment method works very quickly, and the same net banking works a little slower but does the entire job.
  • The UPI interface is pretty simple; however, we must first know net banking to transmit money instantaneously via net banking.
  • There is a limit to UPI. In UPI, you can send money up to ₹ 100000 at a time, whereas it is not so in net banking. You can send unlimited money in net banking.
  • In UPI, if you pay more than ₹ 100000 at a time for the first time, you will get a limit in it. After reaching the limit, you must pay 50 paise on each transaction. But this charge is significantly less, and you can pay through UPI without hesitation.
  • On the other hand, if you want to send 200000 or ₹ 500000, then you use net banking. Here you will not have any limit, nor will there be any charge.
  • It often happens to us that when we send money to a person in a bank account, that person’s name remains at that time, whereas to send money, we need the bank AC number and the IFSC code, which to remember is complicated.
  • But it does not happen in UPI. Here you get very few word codes. After entering that code, you can easily send money.

What to keep in mind while using UPI ID.

  • While doing money transactions, we need to keep some things in mind and pay attention to those things, similarly while making UPI payments, you have to pay attention to some things. Let us also tell you below what things you should remember while creating an EPI payment.
  • Always keep the UPI PIN strong, and do not share it with anyone. It may empty your account.
  • Whatever SIM card is in your mobile phone and a UPI account has been created on that SIM card, then do not give that SIM card to anyone’s mobile phone.
  • If any OTP comes into your mobile phone and any person asks for it, then do not give it because someone else can access your UPI account.
  • Do not share personal details related to your bank with anyone. If someone asks you for bank details or OTP, then you contact the bank directly and ask for it.
  • In today’s all-digital payment applications, there is an option for payment requests. Through that option, many people fraudulently recover money from people. Please pay attention to these things also.
  • So let us tell you what you should pay attention to while using UPI. You have to say these things to your friends too so that they are safe and you are safe.


1Q. How to find UPI number?

You can do it quickly if you want to know your UPI number. For this, you have to follow the following things.
To use UPI, open the app you are using.
Click on your profile picture.
Click on Bank Account.
Your UPI number will then be visible.

2Q. How does UPI work?

We may quickly transfer money in a split 2nd from one bank to another via UPI. With UPI, we may instantaneously move funds to another AC without having to input bank account information.

3Q. How to make UPI payments?

On the right side of the app you are using to make any UPI payment, you will see two options above, first, send or scan. If a person wants to make a payment through UPI through the BHIM app, you have to click on the send button and enter the UPI ID of that person, and you can send the amount by writing the amount you want to transfer.

4Q. What is a UPI pin?

To keep UPI secure, you must create a UPI PIN; through that UPI PIN, you can keep your account safe. This pin acts like a lock and key. ATM and UPI PIN are of 4 or 6 digits. And only you know your UPI ID PIN, so only you can withdraw money from your UPI, no other person can withdraw it without your UPI PIN.