Why are women employed in low paid work?

Today you will about why are women employed in low paid work. Stop listening to this The first misconception is that women mostly work in sectors which are low paying professions. It is true that men are more eager than women to work in high-paying sectors, but this alone does not justify the wage disparity between men and Ladies.

Why are women employed in low paid work

Why do most women get low wages?

Stop listening to this Women get paid less than men because it is believed that they are physically weaker which is not true.

Women are employed in low paying jobs because of the following reasons

  • Due to lack of knowledge and information, Ladies work in unorganized sectors which pay them less wages. They are not even aware of their legal rights.
  • Women are considered physically weaker so they are often paid less.
  • Education is one of the important factors in determining the income of an individual in the market.
  • Ladies in India are less educated than men. They have very little education and low skill levels. That’s why they are paid less than men.
  • Women are physically and emotionally weak.
  • Ladies are not suitable for hazardous work.
  • There are social restrictions on the actions of women.
  • Ladies cannot work in remote, hilly and desert areas.

Low education

One of the main determinants of a person’s wages in the market is their level of education. Most Indian women have less schooling or are less educated, hence they often have limited abilities. Ladies are engaged in the unorganised sector where they are paid poor salaries since they have less education and are thus unaware of their rights or the minimum wage.

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Ladies are typically paid less than males because women are thought to do less physical labour and are seen to be physically inferior to men. Ladies often choose part-time or temporary work that offer poor income because they have the added burden of raising families and children. As a result, Ladies cannot pursue regular employment.